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That is actually Ming-Na Wen on the right. I love the fact that she does most of her own stunts.

I’m not entirely sure it is. Regardless of whether or not the actor/actress can do it, most of the time the studio won’t allow them to do the stunt for liability reasons. And scrubbing through that gif, it doesn’t look like her.

I could be wrong, but..

This was one of the coolest fight sequences I have seen on Prime time Television.

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I am my own worst enemy

When it comes to designing things for clients I can do it. When it comes to giving them something when they barely have a concept, no problem. Yet, when it comes to designing something for myself I have the hardest time doing something that I feel proud of lately. I get so tough on myself, and I criticize each and every move that I make to the point of trashing entire projects, because I don’t think they are good enough, after spending hours on a project.

As of late I have been trying to redesign my resume. It needs an update, and I have a ton of ideas, but I am having a hard time making something concrete to represent myself. I feel like I am going to simply settle on something and use it, because there are a couple of decent leads out there that I need to apply to.

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Ugh… I need to go to the gym, I had a long night, it’s been a lazy day and I’m genuinely just kinda tired.